iShape I





Beauty Lipolysis Cellulite Scupture Skin Slackenng Lymphoedemas
Anti-Aging Asymmentries Skin Smooth Health Relaxaton
Lipomassage Anti-Stress Ciculation Oedema Dredge Merudian
Skin Folds Strae Gravidarum Cevical




Post-Lipo Telangiectasia RSI …….
Medical Lipolysis Cellulite Lymphoedemas Health Recovery
Lipomassage Anti-Stress Ciculation Oedema Dredge Merudian
Striae Gravidarum Skin Tiffness Muslce  Tiffness Muslce  Tiffness Atrophy




Lumbar Disprotrusion Bums Inflammation
Weaken Scar Contraction Trigger Points Varicosity Bruisng
Vein Stasis Decubitus Tendonitis Aches And Pians Post-Lipo
Telangiectasia d.o.m.s RSI Sprians Fibromyalgia
Muscle Tension Tried Legs Lumbar Pian Scarring Colopathy
Sports Enhance Ports


Prepration Fasciitis Muslce  Tiffness Sprians
Tendonitis Fascia Stretching Lipomassage Relaxation ……

Çalışma Şekli:

iShape I use the “ vacuum suction system + air jet system +cooling system ” , and the unique roller technic to achieve the natural treatment .The mechanical stimulation on the skin surface sends an in-depth message to the cells that triggers various biological reactions that are painless ,non-invasive and non-aggressive .

Vacuum suction helps to grip the skin tissue , air jet system lets the gripping be released freely and at the same time the cooling air helps to cool your stimulated tissue . This is making a positive results to treat the fatty deposit , cellulite ,skin slackening ,fibrosis , lnflammation , oedema, lymphoedema, varicosity , bruising , recovery, Pre-and post-liposuction , Pre-and post-lifting , lipomassage , anti-aging , anti-stress, skin folds , relaxation and so on . As a result , the skin becomes more healthy and more youthful.

Five Treatment Modes:

Specific Frequencys:

1-4HZ Soften,drain and so on.
5-8HZ Smooth,relax,vascularize and so on
9-10HZ Firm up,restore eslasticity and so on

Technical Advantages:

Technical Specifications

Weight 55KG
Size 550*480*1800(mm)
Air flow 320L/M
Suction 30Kpa~69Kpa(the standard for medical use in Europe and America)
Suction levels Eight levels (30%,40%,50%,60%,70%,80%,90%,100%)
Working modes 5 modes
Vacuum frequencys 0~10HZ(a variety of combinations for 101 frequencys)
Roller speeds 0~65 Rotations Per Minute (automatically contronl)
Reversible treatment head yes(go forward and go back)
Distance controlling for rollers yes
Cold air jet function yes
Mechanical counter yes
Controlling Collaborative controlling by 3 cup
Noise 50~54(dBA),low noisy system
Color touch screen 10.4″ 24Bit color df 16.7M,Industrial ture color screen
Electrical characteristics 220V/59HZ/800W
Packing material wooden box or avitation box

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