Obesity is a condition caused by the accumulation of fat in the body, especially triglycerides (three triacylglycerol). Usually excessive intake of food or changes in body metabolism lead to excessive accumulation of fat in the body, resulting in excessive weight gain, and lead to changes in human pathophysiology.
The latest method of combining frozen fat with heating is a new method that is more effective than other non-invasive methods. A revolutionary idea of dissolving fat. Studies have shown that subcutaneous lipid rich cells can be selectively affected by cooling subcutaneous tissue to temperatures below 35 degrees celsius. Lipid rich cells can be affected by rupture, contraction, damage, destruction, removal, killing, or other changes. Without theoretical limitations, it is believed that the high selectivity of lipid rich cells is that they do not induce crystallization in non lipid rich cells, and that highly saturated fatty acids are locally crystallized. The crystals break into double membranes rich in lipid cells, which selectively cause necrosis of these cells. Therefore, it is possible to avoid the damage of non lipid rich cells, such as dermal cells, at the temperature induced by crystallization in lipid rich cells. Through the local cold exposure induced by stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, increased lipolysis. The optimum is about -10 DEG C to about 0 DEG C.

Çalışma Şekli

Cryolipolysis with triglycerides in body fat into solid at 5 DEG C under low temperature, precise control by non-invasive frozen energy extraction device of frozen energy to dissolve fat parts specified, to eliminate the specific part of the designated parts of the fat cells, fat cells in the cold to specific the low temperature after triglycerides from liquid into solid, crystalline after aging are dead and excreted in the body fat decreased gradually, The new supersedes the old., so as to achieve the perfect effect of local fat dissolving.

Weight-loss Process:
First of all to the designated range of fat soluble or abdominal waist side, the Cryolipolysis instrument attached on the surface of the skin and subcutaneous tissue will be cooled to 5 DEG C, one hour after the adipose tissue is damaged, the main composition of triglycerides in fat cells will advance aging, fat cells have died, two or three months later necrosis of fat cells with the human body effect to The new supersedes the old discharged.
Safety: “frozen dissolve fat” will not cause long-term or obvious side effects, because the frozen effect will only aim at the fat layer, so it will not frostbite visceral, and will not hurt the skin.

Different From Traditional Weight Loss:

  1. Safety: no need to take medicine, no anesthesia, no surgery, no trauma.
  2. Pain: just contact the fat soluble instrument will have an uncomfortable feeling frozen, but soon disappeared.
  3. Effective period: 1~2 months after the death of cells completely discharged, achieve thin body effect.
  4. Recovery period: no recovery period, then you can do other activities.


  1. 4 different handpieces for different areas(each 2 handpieces can be working at the same time)
  2. Lowest temperature will reach to -10 degree.
  3. Can reduce 26% fat one time
  4. New design Anti-freezing Membrane ( Protect skin from cold injury, this is very important in cryotherapy )

Technical Characteristics:

The 15 inch color touch screen control, simulation modeling of dynamic 3D interface, human-computer interaction design unique, simple and convenient operation;

According to the ergonomic design, the hand handles are comfortable, labor-saving, easy to operate and exquisite in appearance;

Patent design of blood lipid separation technology, through the skin preheating before the design of refrigeration fat solution, can effectively avoid the skin in a long time below 5 degrees Celsius in the blood vessel fat and blood fusion curing;

Exclusive development of freezing point reduction and surface active dosage form antifreeze film, can effectively prevent frostbite;

Automatic water supply and monitoring function, comb channel air pressure resistance, can be filled with water tank and hand channel;

Automatic cleaning and monitoring function, effectively cleaning the pipeline sediment of hand and protecting the core components of gas path to avoid damage;

The intelligent monitoring system is used to monitor the liquid level, the flow rate of the coolant, the liquid level and the air pressure of the water tank in the refrigeration system;

Intelligent alarm system, through monitoring the system feedback data processing, analysis, processing, rapid and effective response to the abnormal situation, to ensure the normal operation of the whole system.

The ultra intelligent instrument self inspection system can detect whether the core components of the monitoring system are in the normal state or the deviation from the factory, so as to ensure that the instrument is in good health.

Main Effect

  1. Eliminate the waist, abdomen, legs, arms, back and other parts of the fat;
  2. To solve the orange peel, cellulite caused by uneven skin problems;
  3. Compact tissue to prevent relaxation;
  4. Promote metabolism and blood circulation

Technical Specifications:

Screen 15 inch Voltage   220V.50 hz
Temperature  cryo temperature is 5 to -15°C. Net weight 40 kg
Vacuum pressure  10  to  80Kpa Cross weight 87 kg
Cooling system wind+water+semiconductor Cooling liquid Pure water or special coolant
Power of cryo 800va volume Parts packing size:61*51*21cm

The main machine packing size:70*48*112 cm (the real volume need to be confirm with factory)

Handpiece bigger 200size  —190*70*92mm Ambient temperature 5  –  40 °C
Handpiece medium 2*150size ——130*50*65mm Relative humidity Below 80%
Handpiece Small 100 size

— 90*43 *65 mm

Atmospheric pressure 86Kpa-106KPa
Free membrance each machine have 30 pcs

Before & After:

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